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The Academy of Senior Health Sciences, Inc. (formerly The Ohio Academy of Nursing Homes, Inc.) seeks to provide public education and awareness initiatives to the long-term care community in Ohio. Our membership represents a true cross-section of the skilled nursing facility profession, from small sole proprietorships to larger Ohio-based multi-facility companies, as well as those businesses that service our industry. Through our public education and awareness efforts, the Academy brings the collective influences of the members together into a single voice on vital issues affecting our profession.

Founded in 1966, the Academy then identified one of its core purposes as "To foster a spirit of goodwill among those persons engaged in the nursing home industry, to promote ethical practices in their relationships with each other, their employees, and the general public to the end that all interests may be served fairly..." Though the organization has undergone several transformations over the years, most notably in 2011, its dedication and commitment to Ohio's most frail and elderly remains the same.

 The Academy Weekly Headlines from 2 Weeks Ago
New LOC assessment tool testing; letter to SNF administrators  –  The state is preparing to move forward with the testing of the new Adult Comprehensive Assessment Tool (ACAT) that will be used to determine service needs and level of care. The BCAT will be a part of the tool and used to determine the need for 24 hour supervision with a cognitive impairment. The testing will occur in two phases, the first in October and November, and the second in January. The first round of testing is to determine if there is reliability among the results despite the assessments being done by different people (inter-rater reliability). It will also test if the tool is collecting the information it is designed to capture (face validity). Forty HCBS waiver individuals and 40 SNF residents will be a part of this testing. Medicaid will be sending a letter to the test participants along with a copy to the SNF administrator if that person resides in the SNF. AAA staff will be trained on the new assessment tool and be performing the first phase of testing. Individuals in your facility may be a part of this testing. More information on the testing can be found here..

BELTSS proposes rule changes  —  The Board of Executives of Long-Term Services and Supports has proposed several rule changes. Changes include:

  • Changes abandonment rules to not taking the exam within 1 year of receiving the authorization letter or within 1 year after receiving notice of failing the exam (4751-1-05)
  • If person fails either exam three times, they must complete additional AIT (4751-1-05)
  • Removes the automatic approval of accredited educational institutions for becoming training agencies (4751-1-08)
  • Reduces the time for an application for an internship with an AIT program to be filed with BELTSS from 30 days to 14 days prior to the meeting (4751-1-09)
  • Removes the limit on self-study and instead leaves it to board discretion (4751-1-13)
  • Allows certain college courses to meet the CE requirement (4751-1-13)
  • Gives the board the ability to waive and/or extend the CE requirement (4751-1-13)

The proposed rules can be found here. The comment period ends September 30. If you have any concerns about the rules, please contact The Academy.

Ohio flips balance between institutional, HCBS spending  —  CMS awarded Ohio additional federal matching funds of $169 million to aid the state in reaching a goal of 50 percent spending each on home and community based services and institutional services. The deadline to achieve this goal was September 30, 2015. The Department of Medicaid announced this week that the state had reached that goal; 51% on HCBS and 49% on institutional care. The administration accomplished this in part by slashing rates to skilled nursing facilities while spending additional resources on HCBS.

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